C Program to print Multiplication table of N

Get input n and print the multiplication table of n

Sample Input 1:


Sample output 1:

1X4=4 2X4=8 3X4=12 4X4=16 5X4=20 6X4=24 7X4=28 8X4=32 9X4=36 10X4=40

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#include<stdio.h> int main() { //write your code here }

Program or Solution

int main()
	int n,i;
	printf("Enter n value:");
		printf("%d X %d = %d\n",i,n,i*n);
	return 0;

Program Explanation

Instruction(s) inside the for block{} are executed repeatedly till the second expression (i<=10) is true.

Here i is initialized to 1 and incremented by 1 for each iteration, instructions inside the for block are executed unless i becomes greater than10.

so value of i (1,2,3,...10)will be multiplied with n and printed in table format.


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