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Java Program to Search an Element in an array

Get an element and find the location of element in array, print -1 if element is not found.

Sample Input 1:

5 5 7 9 3 1 9

Sample Output 1:


Sample Input 2:

5 5 7 9 3 1 4

Sample Output 2:


Program or Solution

import java.util.*;
class SearchArr
  public static void main(String args[])
     int size,i,num,found=0;
     Scanner sc=new Scanner(;
     System.out.println("Enter Size Of Array:");
     int a[]=new int[100];
     System.out.println("Enter The Array Elements:\n");

     System.out.println("Enter The Number You Want To Search:");
	          System.out.println("The Position Is:"+i);
	System.out.println("Not Found");



Program Explanation

i is initialized to 0 and incremented by 1 at each iteration of both the for loops.

First for loop reads n input numbers from user and stores them in array a[] from location 0 to n-1 using Second for loop the element is searched in each location from 0 to the location of element or location n-1.

if element is found in a location that location i is stored as pos and exit from the for loop using break statement.

if element is not found from 0 to n-1 location, pos remains -1.