Multi Stage Guessing Game in Python

"Multi Stage Guessing Game"
Create a three stage guessing game in each stage the user must guess the secret number in five attempts. Range of Secret number should be increased at stage like 1 to 10 in stage in 1, 1 to 20 in stage 2 and 1 to 30 in stage 3. If the user correctly guessed the secret number, the system should display "your guess is correct" and moves to next stage; otherwise, it should tell the user whether the guessed number is higher or lower than the secret number and proceed to the next attempt. If the user fails to guess correctly after five attempts, the game should end with the message "Game Over, You Lose the Game." If user successfully guessed in all the three stages, display "You won the Game" and stops the game.
Hint : Nested looping (loop inside loop) is needed for this.
Objective : To learn the usage of nested looping statement.

Program or Solution

#hashed lines are comment lines used to illustrate the program
#import the built in method randint to generate an automatic secret number
from random import randint
# intiate level or stage as 1
level = 1
#loop for 3stages
while level <= 3:
#complexity range for each stage
end_value = level * 10
#secret number generation
secret_number = randint(1,end_value)
#looping statment for 5 attempts at each stage
for counter in range(0,5):
#gets the guessing number as user input
guess_number = int(input("Guess the secret number between 1 and {} ({} attempts left):".format(end_value,5-counter)))
#check guessing number is correct or higher or lower
if secret_number == guess_number:
print("Your Guess is Correct, You Won the level {}".format(level))
level = level + 1
elif guess_number < secret_number:
print("Your Guess is lower than secret number")
print("Your Guess is higher than secret number")
else: #else of for statement
print("Game Over, You Loose the Game, secret number is {}".format(secret_number))
else: #else of while statement
print("Congratz, You Won the Game!!!")

Program Explanation

Line 3: Imports the randint function from the package random

Line 5: initiate level or stage as 1 

line 7: while loop for three stages

line 11 : using randint system generates a secret number

line 13 : looping statement to allow user 5 attempts

line 15 : getting guessing number from user as input

line 17 : check whether secret number generated by system and guessing number entered by user are same

line 18 : if same, display "your guess is correct"

line 19 : increase the stage or level by 1, so it moves to next stage

line 20 : breaks the current level (stage) and moves to next

line 21 : if not same, check whether  guessing number entered by user is less than secret number generated by system

line 22 : if lower, display your guess is lower than the secret number

line 24 : if not, display your guess is higher than the secret number

line 25 : else statement of for statement (python only having this when compare to C, C++ and java)

line 26 : executes after all the iterations of for (note : break statement doesn't allow to run else statement of for which means you guessed correctly this else will not work)

line 28 : else of while statement, executes if all three levels successfully completed. 

Note (For is suitable for know number of iterations and while is suitable condition based iteration. example in inner loop for attempts we know 5 iterations needed. but in outer for loop it has to execute till level reaches 4, it may need any number of iteration based on user play)