C Program to check whether ith bit in a number N is set or not

Get a number n and bit I, check whether ith bit in num is set or not.

Sample Input 1:

8 3

Sample Output 1:

Not Set

Sample Input 2:

8 1

Sample Output 2:

Set Explanation:

0000 1000

Program or Solution

int main()
	int num,bit;
	printf("Enter a number and a bit:");
	scanf("%d %d",&num,&bit);
		printf("%d is set",bit);
		printf("%d is reset",bit);
	return 0;

Program Explanation

left shift the number num by n-1 times move the nth bit to LSB.

Do AND operation between num and 1, if the LSB is 1 then output is 1, if LSB is 0 then output is 0.