Count the occurences of given Character in a String

Get a String and a character then count the occurrence of character in the string.

Sample Input 1:

Hello o

Sample Output 1:


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#include<stdio.h> int main() { //write your code here }

Program or Solution

int main()
	char str[50];
	char s,count=0;
	int i;
	printf("%c occured %d times",s,count);
	return 0;



Program Explanation

Get a String using fgets() function.

Str -> reads the string and stores it in str.

50 -> reads maximum of 50 characters stdin-> reads character from keyboard read character s using scanf() for loop iterates and check each character whether it is s. if(str[i]==s) then variable count is incremented by 1, else moves to next character.

Finally prints the count.