Scheduling Algorithm case Study

P N Ramesh & V P Arulkumar

July 28, 2022, 12:34 p.m. | Operating Systems

Problem Statement:

In a hospital Dr. Ravi has to attend both emergency patients and non emergency out patients. If there is any one emergency patient he is not suppose to attend out patients. Dr. Ravi should also permit Medical representatives to meet him if there are no patients waiting for him.


1.      Suggest a right schedule for Dr. Ravi.

2.      Consider there are 2 emergency patients ( first Patient Sick with Severe Viral Fever and

Second one met accident) and few out patients.  How your scheduling algorithm schedules patients to Dr. Ravi.


1.      The most suitable scheduling algorithm for the above problem is Multi Level Queue Scheduling. Each Level of queue can use Different Scheduling algorithms.

1.      2 i. Emergency Patients have highest priority and out patients have Low Priority.

    ii. Dr. Ravi attends accident patient first then he attends Viral fever patients, since   Highest priority                Queue Using Priority based scheduling algorithm.

    iii. After Attending Emergency patients Dr. Ravi attends out patients by first Come first serve method.