Java Program to find area of triangle

Get base width and height of triangle and find area of triangle

Sample Input 1:

4 5

Sample Output 1:


Flow Chart Design

Java Program to find area of triangle Flow Chart

Program or Solution

import java.util.*;
class Triangle
       public static void main(String args[])
             double base,height;
             double area;
             Scanner sc=new Scanner(;
             System.out.println("Get base and height of Triangle and find area of Triangle");
             System.out.println("Enter The Base:");
             System.out.println("Enter The Height:");
             System.out.println("The Output 1 Is:\n"+area);



Program Explanation

Get height and base of a triangle (using scanner class) Calculate area by multiplying product of height and base by 0.5 (area = base * height*0.5) print area (using system.out.println)