Calculate Salary of Employee in Python

Python program to get employee wages and number of days worked from user and find Basic Pay, DA, HRA, PF and Net Pay.

(Note HRA, DA and PF are 10%,5%and 12% of basicpay respectively.)

Sample Input 1:

300 30

Sample Output 1:

Basic Pay:3000 DA: 150 HRA:300 PF:360 Net Pay: 3090

Flow Chart Design

Calculate Salary of Employee in Python Flow Chart

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Program or Solution

days=float(input("Enter No Days Present:"))
wages=float(input("Enter wages per Day:"))
print("\nBasic:%lf \nHRA:%lf \nDA:%lf \nPF:%lf \nNet Salary:%lf" %(basic,HRA,DA,PF,netsalary));


Program Explanation

get wages and number of days present of an employee using input() method.

calculate basic pay, DA, HRA , PF Net Pay using formula